Verosol curtains are beautiful and classic, offering style and superior performance. Both the curtains and tracks are designed to be durable, produced in high quality materials and designed to work smoothly every time. Our curtains are available with your choice of manual operation or as part of a fully motorised system, to perfectly meet your needs. Choose from our curated collection of fabrics in a broad colour palette and range of transparencies.



Dawn 2 Opulent Living Dimout
882 SilverScreen Living Semi Transparent
883 SilverScreen Living Transparent
Glydea Motorised Curtain Tracks (Mains Powered)



Pleat and Track Selection

Selecting the right curtains requires pairing two elements: pleats and tracks. The two combined create your curtain system. Pleat selection should take into consideration the style of window and the fullness of the curtain required. Track and hardware selection will depend on pleat selection and application for the window. Our team of curtain and blind experts are available to assist you in making the right choice for your needs.


SilverScreen Living Curtain Fabric

We are specialists in solar control solutions, and our market leading SilverScreen metallised fabrics offer superior performance. A metallised back on your curtains allows you to enjoy the softness of curtains and to opt for sheer fabric that preserves your view out without compromising on temperature regulation and glare reduction. Our metallised curtain technology also means that you can have curtains of any colour, light or dark, without any effect on performance.

With Verosol metallised curtains you are guaranteed industry-leading heat transfer lows, increasing your energy efficiency and saving you money.

• Our Everyday Living range of curtains are the perfect all-rounder, offering good performance in all areas: insulation, glare and heat reduction, privacy and style.

• Our Opulent Living range offers a luxurious touch to your living space, with high end designer fabric choices and a curated selection of colours.


Caring for Your Curtains

It’s easy to care for your curtains properly, and doing so will keep them looking brand new for years to come. The principles are simple:

•  Gently vacuum or shake away any loose particles

•  Always blot rather than wiping

•  Spot clean with unscented baby wipes

•  Only use approved fabric cleaners if required

•  For deeper cleaning, consult a dry cleaner approved for work with curtains.

Our NSW headquarters and distribution centres across Australia service the whole country and the Asia Pacific region, offering our market-leading curtains Brisbane to Hobart to Perth, and everywhere in between.


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