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Since 1965, Verosol Fabrics has been the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of solar control fabrics for commercial and residential buildings. Our technology sets an industry benchmark on a global scale.

Our window coverings are helping create a better world, expanding the possibilities for dealing with today’s developing environmental challenges. Our solar control blinds and shutters control temperature, providing energy savings and meeting the changing demands for sustainable building design.

Verosol metallised blinds have been specifically developed to manage the effects of solar radiation while preserving your view out, so you never have to compromise on either aesthetics or function. You don’t need a blockout blind to stop heat: our metallised blinds are rated to block more heat than a blockout blind without interrupting your view.


External Blind: Verolock + Head Box
Glydea Motorised Curtain Tracks (Mains Powered)
25mm Framed Pleated & Cellular Blind


25mm Duo Pleated & Cellular Blind
Ambience Internal Aluminium Shutter
Ambience Multi-Link Roller Blind



Our range of blinds offer unrivaled performance, creating privacy without compromising your view of the outdoors.

Verosol metallised fabrics are highly reflective, providing a range of benefits for all seasons. The technology eliminates glare and provides insulation to the windows. This manages both light and heat for your comfort and ensures you’ll enjoy the benefits of a more energy efficient home – lower heating and cooling costs and a lighter carbon footprint.

Our blinds come in a range of styles and colours to suit any aesthetic, and are completely customisable in shape and size. Our materials are carefully selected to offer both visual appeal and superior performance. The blinds we supply include:

• Roller blinds

• 25mm Pleated & Cellular blinds

        • 45mm Cellular blinds

• Panel glide blinds

• Venetian blinds, and

• Roman blinds.

We offer blinds Australia wide and beyond, servicing every state and the Asia Pacific region, supported by staff located in every capital city in the nation.



Verosol internal and external shutters are timeless and durable, showcasing enduring craftsmanship with great longevity. Our shutters come in a range of premium materials, including:

• Painted hardwood shutters

• Stained hardwood shutters

• Aluminium shutters, and

• Polyresin shutters.

Our expert team can help you determine which shutters are the perfect fit for your needs.

All our shutters provide premium solar control, protecting your home or business from heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, as well as reducing glare and UV radiation. Shutters are perfect for indoor/outdoor living arrangements, and for preserving privacy without impeding your view of the outdoors.



External window coverings are the best choice for those concerned with stopping heat transfer, as they block UV before it hits the window and is able to generate heat. This means external blinds and shutters provide unbeaten insulation and energy reduction.

Our external window covering solutions include:

•  External blinds, and

•  External shutters.

External shutters and blinds offer seamless integration of indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, and are ideal for enclosing al fresco areas, outdoor patios and balconies. They offer superior protection from the elements – glare, heat, and the weather.

External window coverings are an investment in your home or business which will bring you significant returns through reduced climate control expenses and protection from the elements. In combination with internal window coverings, you will see powerful results, making your space not only more comfortable but incredibly energy efficient.



Verosol curtains and curtain tracks are made from premium materials for good performance and lasting quality while also offering luxury, style and elegance to elevate your space. They are the perfect marriage between function and beauty.

Our range of curtains are designed to perfectly meet your needs:

•  Our Everyday Living range of curtains are the perfect all-rounder, offering good  performance in all areas: insulation, glare and heat reduction, privacy and style.

•  Our Opulent Living range offers a luxurious touch to your living space, with high end designer fabric choices and a curated selection of colours.

•  Verosol’s SilverScreen Living range of metallised curtain fabrics offer superior protection from the elements, offering insulation and reduction of glare, heat and UV rays. Our metallised fabric technology means performance is not reliant on the colour you choose. Whether you prefer white, black or anything in between, you will enjoy the same market-leading lows on heat transfer and superior glare reduction.

The right curtains for you will depend on the demands of your space, as well as your stylistic preferences and budget.

We offer fully motorised curtain systems, built to be quiet and simple to use with a reliable motor. View our range of curtains online today. Our team service Australia and the Asia Pacific, and have all the expertise you need to make the right choice the first time.



Fabrics are the secret ingredient of many types of window coverings; their importance can’t be underestimated, both in terms of visual appeal and functionality. From transparent to semi transparent fabrics, non-transparent or blockout fabrics, as well as metallised options, Verosol’s ranges are designed to suit a wide range of applications, including:

•  Curtains

•  Roller blinds

•  Pleated blinds 

        •  Cellular blinds

•  Roman blinds

•  Panel glides 

•  External blinds 


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Global Leader

We are a global leader in solar control fabrics for commercial and retail use. Our unique technology provides industry-leading temperature and light regulation in a range of styles.

Premium Quality

Our custom made window coverings are of the highest quality, made from premium materials and designed to offer superior and lasting performance that perfectly meets your unique needs.

7 Year Warranty

We offer a comprehensive 7 year warranty so you can be confident that your choice of window coverings will continue to perform for years to come.


Every space is unique, with its own challenges and requirements. A one-solution-for-all premade blind will never offer what custom made shutters, curtains or blinds can, and many people go through a number of these cheaper options before realising that custom is the only way forward. With our expertise, you can be sure you are getting the right window coverings the first time.

Choosing the right curtains, blinds or shutters for you requires more than just fashion knowledge or design skill. For blinds that work well in addition to looking great, you need a highly trained and experienced window fittings professional.

Some of the things we take into consideration to determine the perfect solution for your windows include:

  • Aspect and orientation of the building
  • Light
  • Privacy concerns
  • Glare
  • Heat
  • Room size and use
  • Lifestyle
  • Safety
  • Automation
  • Installation requirements
  • Style
  • Budget

Considering just one or two of these things when selecting your window coverings and ignoring the rest will lead to a disappointing choice that does not suit your needs.

With the experience and knowledge of our team, you can be confident that each of these needs will be met and that your window coverings will be the perfect match for you.





DO : Maintain your curtain hardware and chain mechanisms using silicone, NOT WD40 or other petrol-based substances

• Have blinds professionally installed

• Operate blinds correctly, as shown by dealers

• Protect your investment

• Consult industry professionals and BMAA Members

DON’T : Install the blind too close to the window - this can cause problems with condensation

• Deal with unregistered businesses

• Purchase window treatments without consulting a professional

DO : Spot clean using baby wipes - always blot, don’t wipe

• Consider heat and energy savings

• Consider motorisation

• Consider the window

• Go to a professional for cleaning regularly

• Consider what the blinds are being affixed to

DON’T : Use bleach or other harsh cleaners

• Spray insecticide near or on blinds

DO: Combine internal window coverings with external

• Consider how the blinds are being installed

• Consider child safety

• Measure correctly

• Avoid blocking natural light

DON'T: Mistreat blinds

• Attempt to clean blinds with abrasive products of any kin

• Substitute price for safety


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