Fabrics are the secret ingredient of many types of window coverings; The value of window covering can’t be underestimated in terms of their visual appeal, functionality and solar performance possibilities.

Verosol offers complete design freedom when it comes to covering your windows with decorative and high performance fabrics. From roller blind fabrics to pleated, cellular, roman, panel systems and curtains – select from decorative to transparent, non transparent, blockout finishes and solar control. All come with a range of control options from simple cord control to sophisticated smart automation.
Verosol’s world leading range of solar control fabrics like SilverScreen are ideal in both residential and corporate window covering situations. Verosol’s high performance SilverScreen fabrics are coated with a nano layer of Metallisation which actively reflects heat and dramatically reduce glare. Energy savings are calculable, air conditioning receives a massive boost leading to lower costs and a more sustainable future.
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272 Saria G2 Sheer Curtain Fabric
455 Agora Sheer Curtain Fabric
788 Seed Sheer Curtain Fabric




Curtains are a covetable asset in any home, adding softness to interiors and lending a unique character to decor. And of course, central to curtains’ appeal is the fabric. A statement drape can create visual impact, lighter curtain fabrics such as an on-trend sheer will make a space feel open and airy, and heavier fabrics’ insulating benefits are a great way to maintain interior temperatures.

A wide range of materials for curtains is available, from damask to cotton, linen and more, all of which can be used in a range of different hangs, fullnesses, folds and treatments. The dazzling array of options on offer means investing in professional advice and expertise is worthwhile to ensure key factors are considered. These might include the width of curtain fabric required – most curtain materials are available in widths of 1.5 metres to 3.2 metres – and very wide windows may require fabric to be railroaded, a method of cutting fabric to create a seamless look between multiple pleats.

As well as the size of the window itself, another consideration is the fullness of the curtain as well as the type of curtain heading, as this will require varying quantities of material depending on the hang. The room in which the curtain fabrics are being used is also critical. For example, bedrooms might require a blockout capability. Verosol’s blockout curtain fabric is 100% polyester, coated with an acrylic coating that prevents the light from penetrating through the fabric. The unique benefits of different fabrics are also worth considering. Polyester is durable, easy to care for and less likely to fade than natural fibres, however cotton curtains are extremely versatile and breathable.


Roller blinds are a classic, cost-effective alternative to curtains with a broad range of applications, and have the added benefit that they can be easily updated with the integration of replacement fabrics to coordinate with your new decor or functional requirements.

Roller blind fabric comes in a comprehensive array of colours, textures and thicknesses suited to a range of end uses, from living rooms to bedrooms or wet areas such as bathrooms. And there’s undoubtedly a perfect roller blind fabric for each of these applications; a living room might require both privacy and view-through, while blockout roller blinds might be more appropriate for childrens’ bedrooms, or mould and mildew resistant fabric for a bathroom. So selecting fabric for your new roller blinds will depend on these requirements. The right fabric might be a highly specialised product, such as Verosol’s SilverScreen performance fabrics, which allow visibility and protect interiors from UV light.

Available up to three metres wide, Verosol roller blind fabrics also cater to wide widths, a clear benefit in modern homes where window spans are growing. Our fabric ranges for roller blinds are designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean, although we do recommend ultrasonic cleaning for these kinds of fabric.


25mm Pleated & Cellular blinds for windows are sleek, contemporary, and an increasingly popular choice, particularly among architects and design focused homeowners.

25mm Pleated blinds also have the advantage of being able to fit complicated window shapes.

25mm Pleated & Cellular blinds for patio doors are also increasingly popular; each blind can be fitted neatly and stylishly to each door, creating a clean, functional look. Depending on the unique needs and orientation of the windows, a variety of fabrics are applicable to pleated blinds, including transparent, semi transparent, non transparent, and blockout fabrics. We also offer Verosol 25mm pleated blinds in our unique metallised fabric for superior protection against light and heat.

25mm Pleated & Cellular blind fabrics are generally considered low maintenance and are fairly easy to repair and spot clean, but it’s worth noting that metallised fabrics require professional cleaning using ultrasonic methods.


Explore Verosol’s new collection of beautiful and functional cellular fabrics

Discover this inspiring collection of 45mm Cellular fabrics designed with both beauty and functionality in mind. These refined fabrics enhance any modern-looking or classic interior and have a real purpose to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. Fusing natural colour tones with the finest quality fabrics, we help create energy saving and eco-friendly spaces for people to live and work.

Stylish window coverings that improve energy performance. Our cellular fabrics are like insulating blankets for windows and reduce heat loss in the winter, and reduce heat absorption in the summer, saving on heating and air-conditioning costs.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. With increased awareness of the world’s depleting resources, we strive to minimize our impact on ecosystems by effectively managing our energy consumption and raw materials through efficient operating processes, products and services. Our 45mm Cellular fabrics are 100% PVC-free and free from biocide additives and adhere to the Oeko-Tex® standard 100 for product safety to the consumer market.

Excellent noise absorption to reduce unwanted sound. 45mm Cellular fabrics and are proven to absorb and noticeably dampen noise. This is thanks to the quality of the fabrics and the cellular structure, which significantly softens ambient noise.

Create the perfect environment with the right fabric. The Verocell collection is made up of transparent, semi-transparent, non-transparent and 100% blockout fabrics. The level of transparency defines the amount of light entering the room and the level of visual contact with the outside world. Whether you want to have a beautiful view of the outside or have complete privacy and darkness in a bedroom, the choice is yours.

45mm Cellular blind fabrics are generally considered low maintenance and are fairly easy to repair and spot clean.


Panel glide blinds, sometimes referred to as sliding blinds, are sought after for their sleek, functional operation and light control benefits. In the closed position the panel glides create a solid fabric screen, providing light control and resulting in a no-fuss, stylish covering for large windows and sliding doors, which can be easily stacked past a doorway to open up the views and access. In terms of fabric selection, most panel glide fabrics are 100% polyester or polymer coated glass fibre sunscreen fabrics. Some can be treated with fabric protector and / or antimicrobial protection. A sunscreen panel glide will offer privacy without restricting natural light, while a full block out panel glide will offer total privacy. Panel glide fabrics are easy to maintain and generally respond well to regular dusting, preferably with a feather duster. They can also be vacuumed or spot cleaned if need be; however professional ultrasonic cleaning is regarded as the optimal cleaning technique.


Roman blinds are a classic window covering that’s never really gone out of style and is particularly well suited to sash operated or smaller windows. Typically mid weight fabrics such as cotton linen and polyester work well for roman blinds because of the way they hang, while heavier fabrics such as upholstery textiles are not ideally suited to roman blinds as they will tend to become misshapen under their own weight. Worth bearing in mind is that if you have a particularly large window opening, roman blinds may not be the ideal solution as the fabric can tend to sag over wider widths. Most roman blind fabrics can be vacuumed or professionally cleaned. In some cases they may be washable, although it’s important to seek professional advice before embarking on this.


External blinds control heat, light and solar energy, and allow for the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, which works so beautifully with the Australian lifestyle. As well as providing comfort and style for outdoor living, outside blinds in specialised fabrics also protect your home’s inside spaces. By blocking UV before it hits the glazing, heat is prevented from entering the living areas, creating a more comfortable interior and reducing the energy imposte on your home. The outdoor shade cloth blinds market offers a number of solutions suited to different types of blind. Fabrics tend to be made from either acrylic or polyester fibre; the former more colourfast, the latter more stable. In the external roller blinds category, Verosol’s specialist range of exterior roller blinds are PVC coated fibreglass, which prevents the blinds from fading and provides protection without compromising on visibility. Water resistant fabric is also highly recommended for exterior blinds.


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