25mm Pleated & Cellular Blinds

by Verosol

25mm Pleated & Cellular Blinds

Verosol’s signature product. 25mm Pleated & Cellular blinds, (sometimes referred to as pleated shades), are made from a pleated fabric that pulls up to sit flat at the top of a window. They offer unique softness and texture. Pleated Blinds are neat and elegant, with a small stack height and minimal projection, resulting in a ‘clean’ look to any interior with generous outside views.

Verosol 25mm pleated & cellular blinds come with a substantial list of benefits. Firstly, they’re wonderfully easy to operate, with a simple cord pull system which will allow users to set the desired height of the blinds. If you want them fully closed, simply pull down on the cord to release the lock and slowly lower the blind the full way down. Pleated blinds in Australia are a particularly worthwhile investment; they offer improved temperature control by reflecting the sun’s rays in the hottest summer months, and they’re a boon in winter as they assist in insulating your windows, ideal for saving energy.


25mm Pleated & Cellular Blinds are the ideal solution for heat and light control. With minimal light gaps, Pleated Blinds effectively reduce glare, giving you a comfortable living and working environment.

Combine Verosol’s 25mm Pleated & Cellular Blinds with our metallised fabrics for superior UV and heat protection, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The Originals Pleated Fabric Collection offers a vibrant palette of 36 colours. Read more


The 25mm Twin Pleated Blind is extremely practical, giving you the option to select two fabrics. Select a sheer fabric to enjoy the daytime view with subtle light filtering, and select a blockout fabric for privacy and room darkening and insulation at night. You can select any combination of 25mm pleated fabric and 25mm cellular fabrics on Verosol’s 25mm Twin pleated & cellular blind system.

With the 25mm Duo Pleated Blind you have the option to raise the blind in the conventional way or from the top down towards the window sill, making it useful for when privacy is required down low but sunlight is also required. 25mm Duo Pleated & cellular blinds are ideal for bathrooms.


A major advantage of Verosol’s 25mm Pleated & Cellular Blinds is the availability of a vast range of different shapes and configurations to accommodate even the most obscure window.

Our Framed Pleat is ideal for doors and tilt & turn windows. With hand operated Standard and the option of Duo or Twin Pleated Blind systems – all of which can be manufactured using 25mm pleated and cellular fabrics.

Verosol offers a range of operable and non-operable special shaped pleated blinds, including Conservatory / Skylight Pleats, Triangular, Circular, Arched and Fixed Frame Pleats. Custom shaped pleated blinds for virtually any opening are available. Note that 25mm cellular fabrics are not suitable for the aforementioned pleated hardware systems.


Experience greater convenience and luxury in your home with Verosol’s motorisation options for your 25mm Pleated & cellular Blinds. Motorisation makes operating your blinds easy, eliminating any cords or chains. Have complete control of the light in a room with the touch of a button.

Motorisation is ideal for large or hard to reach windows. Verosol offers the latest technology in blind motorisation, with different options available to suit your home and lifestyle. Verosol motorised blinds provide easy integration with a variety of home automation systems, allowing you to experience true convenience with our smartphone APP where you can monitor and control your blinds anywhere, anytime.


Pleated & Cellular Blinds are easier to keep clean than the more traditional venetian blind; Pleated & Cellular blinds are reasonably low maintenance. Light cleaning can be maintained with a simple swipe of the brush feature on your vacuum cleaner. Spot cleaning using a damp sponge and water is also possible on most fabrics. However, should your Pleated Blinds require more substantial cleaning, depending on the type of fabric, Verosol recommends engaging with a professional cleaner using ultrasonic cleaning techniques.

Creating a soft, textured yet contemporary look, pleated blinds offer fuss free operation and maintenance, making them a great solution for any style of home.


25mm CELLULAR Pleated Blinds

25mm Pleated Blinds using Verosol’s range of Verocell 25mm Cellular fabrics provide you with an additional layer of insulation and energy efficiency.


The unique honeycomb structure of Verocell Cellular blinds provides effective insulation for windows, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The cellular design traps air in the cells, creating an effective temperature transfer barrier between the window and the inside room, resulting in a comfortable indoor climate.

As well as energy savings, Verocell Cellular blinds are also ideal for heat and light control.


With a range of transparencies available, Verocell Cellular blinds give you full control of your desired privacy level. In rooms where complete privacy and room darkening is required, select the Verocell Blockout. If vision out is not required, Verocell Non Transparent allows light to filter into the room during the day, whilst providing a good level of privacy.

Where a high level of privacy is not required, Verocell Transparent allows daytime view through and natural light in, whilst providing a subtle level of privacy.


Verocell Cellular fabric is available on most 25mm Pleated blind hardware systems except; Conservatory, Skylight and Special Shaped Pleats.

The Twin system combines the functionality of two different fabrics, such as a Blockout and a Transparent fabric, giving you ultimate flexibility with control of light and privacy.

All Verocell 25mm Cellular fabric qualities – Transparent, Semil-Transparent, Non-Transparent, and Blockout fabrics, provide you with a colour for the interior space, and a white backing which gives you a uniform look from the outside whilst optimising the heat and light reflection properties of the fabric. Some Verocell  45mm Cellular fabrics contain special finishes on the inside of the cells – such as a metallised coating on some blockout ranges.