Who we are

by Verosol

Who we are

  • “Verosol products are manufactured with an environmentally responsible outlook" Image: New Vacuum Bonding Chamber - The Netherlands

    Verosol leads the world in the design & manufacture of solar control fabrics for blinds and curtains. 
    Our Dutch facility is at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing. Verosol’s FR and Polyester fabrics meet stringent European standards in the colouring of fabrics without the use of dye baths. Few toxic and non-degradable materials are used in the production of fabrics and non-toxic chemicals used in the production of its flame retardant fabrics. Furthermore, no lead or heavy metals are used.

    Verosol also holds the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, Verosol Trevira CS Metallised and SilverScreen fabrics have been assessed and met the criteria for inclusion on Ecospecifer.

    The inventor of metallised fabrics for control of heat and glare at the window, Verosol distributes via a worldwide licensee network. The Australasian Headquarters is located in Revesby, Sydney with representation in every Australian Capital city. 
  • “Green planet considerations is a priority for Verosol, at a time when global warming is in the hearts and minds of governments, businesses and individuals alike.”

    Verosol worldwide is committed to providing a product that will reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

    Verosol’s savings calculator demonstrates how the use of Verosol metal backed fabrics can prevent thousands of kilograms of CO2 being produced in air-conditioning running cost savings alone.

    To estimate possible reductions iin CO2 emissions, simply contact Verosol to arrange for an energy savings calculation.