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Savings Indicator

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In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it is useful at the design stage, to gain insight into the energy savings that can be achieved by using certain blind systems in combination with performance fabrics.

With the Verosol Savings Indicator, architects and fa├žade engineers are able to get an early indication of the energy-saving potential of Verosol SilverScreen performance metallised fabrics in combination with various glazing types.

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Thermal comfort with our SilverScreen metallised fabrics

Metallised blinds improve visual and thermal comfort and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs (and therefore CO2 emissions). In summer, Verosol SilverScreen metallised fabrics prevent heat from entering the building and in winter, they prevent heat from escaping through the windows. This reduces the heat transmission inside a building by 50% or more.



Calculate the benefits of using Verosol metallised fabrics

Use the Verosol Savings Indicator to discover which Verosol fabric offers the optimal thermal comfort and energy efficiency in your specific situation.

The indicator also calculates future energy savings and CO2 footprint reductions.

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Calculate the energy savings for your project in just a few steps

  1. Select a Verosol fabric
  2. Choose a location that is similar to the location of your project
  3. Select the glazing and the facade orientation
  4. Optionally select a second Verosol fabric and make a comparison

Calculations of insulation and solar gain were performed in WIS 3.0.1.SP2 in accordance with the algorithms of EN-ISO 52022-3 and are based on the annual solar radiation and heat flow through the windows. Local meteorological data and electricity costs are based on annual averages. The COP of the air conditioning/heat pump in these calculations is 3.

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