Panel Glide System

by Verosol

Panel Glides

Panel glide blinds are a versatile and elegant shading option for large windows, bi-fold doors or sliding doors. Offering a more contemporary look than curtains, sliding panel blinds are best thought of as an updated equivalent of vertical blinds, with very wide panels. They operate in a similar fashion to curtains and vertical blinds in that they are hung from tracks fitted above sliding doors or larger windows. Stacked in line with the wall adjacent to a door or window, panel glides, also known as panel track blinds, enable an unobstructed door opening and an unimpeded vista. They also allow an abundance of natural light into the home.


A wide range of fabric options are suitable for use with Panel Glides, including decorative fabrics and several of Verosol’s metallised collections. Metallised fabrics provide excellent heat and UV protection, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Have complete control of your privacy and the amount of light entering the room, by selecting from a range of Transparent or Blockout fabrics.  The fabric panels overlap to eliminate light gaps. Read more


Combining the elegance of curtains with the functionality of blinds, fabric panels fall vertically from the track giving the soft look and feel of a curtain. Panel Glides are ideal for sliding and bi-folding doors or large span windows.

If you’re wondering whether to choose sliding panel blinds, it’s worth remembering that their appeal is distinctly modern. Wide panels are central to their sleek design, meaning they are better suited to large glazed areas and generously proportioned rooms. Spaces with smaller proportions may be overwhelmed by these striking window treatments. Their visual impact also means choosing the fabric for your panel glide might lead you more towards lighter, more subtle colours.


A range of track configurations provides varied options for the stacking of fabric panels to the right, left or centre. The Panel Glide system track can be operated by wand or cord, and is extremely easy and smooth to operate. User friendly operation is one obvious advantage to these window coverings.


Compared to other window treatments for large windows, panel track blinds, ‘sliding panels’ or ‘panel track shades’ are also relatively easy to install. In addition, they’re easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a duster or spot cleaned for individual marks. Most modern fabrics will allow for the removal of dirt and grime with a sponge soaked in lukewarm water, but remember it’s advisable to contact a Verosol representative for advice on more complex cleaning tasks.

Available in a variety of colours and fabrics, Panel Glides are a great option for making a big style statement and a big difference to the comfort and liveability of your interiors.