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A long time regarded as a traditional window treatment, curtains are undeniably back in vogue. Living rooms and bedrooms are being made over with drapes in a range of fabrics and hangs; cottons and linens in pencil pleats or pinched pleats. But it’s really the renaissance of unlined translucent curtains or sheers that continues to trend strongly. Perhaps it’s their lightweight, pared-back style that works particularly well with the relaxed Australian lifestyle, but while lined or more opulent curtains will always be in vogue among traditionalists or more daring interior specialists with their eye on visual impact, sheer curtain material is winning the day. This means that lined curtains are currently a less obvious choice. By contrast the pairing of lightweight curtains with blockout blinds is gaining traction; the blockout blind protects interiors from heat and solar glare and can also provide extra insulation in a draughty room. Blinds paired with curtains are undoubtedly a boon in the Australian context, where sheer curtains offer softness and a translucent light filtering look, while blockout blinds also offer privacy and protection from the heat of the sun.

In terms of how to hang your curtains, given the rise and rise of sheers, the gently undulating s-fold hang is currently the go-to for many homeowners, although recessed curtains behind the bulkhead of a ceiling are a popular choice for contemporary builds. If your home is more traditional, you might want to contrast a plain, neutral curtain with a classic or ornate curtain rod.  Read more

For a crisp, elegant look, a good solution is curtains in the same colour as, or one shade lighter or darker than, the surrounding walls. Looking at curtain palettes, whites and neutrals continue to steal the scene, and the notion of curtains as a bright splash of colour or a feature in a bold print is currently going against the mainstream light and minimal trend, although it can certainly work in the right context. Ultimately your choice of curtain should be guided by the style of the room, as well as its orientation and the availability of natural light.

In line with the dominant trend for sheers, Verosol offers a varied collection of drapery fabrics;


SilverScreen, our contemporary solar control sheer curtain fabric is available in a range of two transparencies, and a contemporary palette of 11 colours. The fabric features a metallised backing that provides superior solar, heat, glare and UV protection. SilverScreen provides the highest level of solar control and energy efficiency savings for your money. The fabric’s functionality is balanced by the visual texture and flow of a curtain that also enables exterior views.


Explore the colours and textile diversity of our Opulent Living range of curtain fabrics. Opulent Living offers a luxurious touch to your living space with innovative high-end designer fabrics from around the world and a curated selection of inspirational colours. A wonderfully balanced and diverse range of Sheer and Dimout fabrics that are sure to excite. 


Verosol’s Everyday Living provides an amazing and diverse range of fabrics offering functionality and aesthetics suited to Australian homes. Everyday Living curtain fabrics are a cost-effective option, providing style and elegance that will elevate your interior space.


Glydea Motorised Curtain Tracks

 Verosol’s Glydea ULTRA Motorised Electric Curtain Track adds a layer of luxury and elegance to your home or office, with a stunning design that reflects your style. With our motorised electric curtain system you can control all your curtains easily via your smartphone or a remote control. 

Our Glydea ULTRA motorised track curtain is developed to be quiet and reliable, guaranteeing you a peaceful home. Because your wellbeing is our priority, our curtains open & close discreetly and silently.

To protect and extend the life of your track curtains, Verosol’s Glydea ULTRA Motorised Curtain track offers soft start and stop, with operation that is extra gentle on your curtains so you can be sure they won’t be damaged. 

Glydea ULTRA Motorised electric track curtains provide Touch Motion to open & close your curtain by simply pulling on the fabric, and offers the added security of manual override in case of power failure.

Battery operated Glydea followed by manually operated curtain tracks – details here.

C201.6 Glydea Ultra Motorised Curtain Track 

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Care & Maintenance Information

Verosol has a long tradition of supplying premium quality window furnishings across Australia and around the world.

Here at Verosol, we are confident your decision will be rewarded in terms of product quality, performance and aesthetics.

Verosol Curtain Tracks come with a five year nationwide warranty across the entire range, covering component failure and manufacturing issues*.

Verosol Curtain Fabrics come with up to a seven year* nationwide limited warranty across the following fabric ranges: SilverScreen Living and Opulent Living ranges.

Verosol’s EveryDay Living range is covered by a three year* nationwide limited warranty.

All warranties cover component failure and manufacturing issues*.

For more information please contact your Verosol Specialist Retailer or call 1800 011 176



Cleaning Curtain Tracks & Fabrics



Please refer to the following fabric specifications for relevant cleaning instructions:

SilverScreen Living


Opulent Living


Everyday Living




* Please retain your proof of purchase in the event you need to register a service call. Use not in accordance with the warranty videos are not covered by the Verosol Warranty. The Verosol 7 year limited warranty applies to products purchased as of the of 1st July, 2020.