Invisi-Gard by Verosol Warranty

Introduction and Overview

Verosol Pty Ltd (Australia)’s Lifetime Warranty for Invisi-Gard by Verosol is designed to instill unparalleled confidence in your purchase. This warranty represents a collaborative commitment between Verosol and the Invisi-Gard by Verosol Customer

Under this comprehensive warranty, Verosol Pty Ltd (Australia) ensures that the aluminium framing and mesh used in the Invisi-Gard by Verosol products are free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship from the date of delivery. This guarantee is contingent on the product being fabricated and installed in strict accordance with the Fabricator Manual, ensuring the highest standards of quality are met.

This Lifetime Warranty is valid exclusively for installations completed by a licensed Invisi-Gard by Verosol Dealer. To maintain the integrity and longevity of the product, effective care and maintenance is crucial. Adherence to the care and maintenance instructions provided is not only essential for the prolonged life of the product but also a prerequisite for eligibility under this warranty.

Our goal is to ensure that every Invisi-Gard by Verosol product you purchase not only meets but exceeds your expectations, safeguarded by a warranty that reflects our confidence in our products.

Warranty Coverage

Verosol Pty Ltd (Australia) takes pride in extending a robust warranty for all Invisi-Gard by Verosol Window and Door Screens. This lifetime standard warranty is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our warranty covers the structural integrity of the aluminium framing and the mesh used in the Invisi-Gard by Verosol products. We assure that these components are free from manufacturing defects and workmanship flaws from the date of delivery. The aluminium framing’s powder coat finish is warranted by the manufacturer for the selected finish, assuring lasting quality and aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, locks and screen accessories incorporated in Invisi-Gard by Verosol products are also covered under their respective manufacturers’ warranties. This comprehensive coverage ensures that every aspect of your Invisi-Gard by Verosol product is protected against defects.

In line with Australian Consumer Law, Verosol guarantees that the products come with rights that cannot be excluded. These include entitlements to replacements or refunds in cases of major failures and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. Additionally, in cases of minor failures, you have the right to have the product repaired or replaced.

Verosol’s liability, in compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, extends to the replacement or repair of the products, or covering the cost of replacement or repair. However, beyond this, Verosol’s liability does not extend to indirect or consequential losses or damages arising from the product’s failure.

Who Is Covered Under This Warranty?

The lifetime warranty offered by Verosol for Invisi-Gard by Verosol is an exclusive benefit for you, the original purchaser. It is a non-transferable warranty that covers only those who originally purchased the product from Verosol or a licensed Invisi-Gard by Verosol dealer.

To activate this warranty, you, as the original purchaser, are required to provide proof of purchase and installation. This documentation is vital in validating your warranty and facilitating any potential claims. It underscores our commitment to serving our original customers with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that your investment in our products is protected from the outset.

Warranty + Care & Maintenance Guide

The Invisi-Gard by Verosol products come with a lifetime warranty for residential use, reflecting our confidence in their durability and design. Commercial use warranties are assessed on an individual basis, potentially extending up to a lifetime, depending on the application.

In the rare instance of discovering a manufacturing defect in either workmanship or material, it is essential to contact Verosol Pty Ltd (Australia) for assistance. The initiation of the warranty claim process requires immediate action to ensure swift resolution.

Maintaining the integrity and appearance of your Invisi-Gard by Verosol products is vital. Regular maintenance as per our Care & Maintenance Guide is crucial in preserving the condition of the products and is a requirement for the validity of the warranty claims.

Limitations and Making a Claim

The Invisi-Gard by Verosol products are ideally suited for lifetime residential use, with commercial warranties assessed case-by-case. However, certain damages are not covered under this warranty. These include damages resulting from uncontrollable events like natural disasters, intentional product damage, forced entry, abuse, product disassembly, unauthorized alterations, and failure to follow the Invisi-Gard by Verosol Care & Maintenance Guide.

To initiate a warranty claim, the first point of contact should be Verosol directly. Claims must be lodged within 30 days of identifying the fault and should include a detailed description of the fault, photos where possible, and proof of purchase and installation. Verosol will assess the claim’s eligibility under the warranty terms and proceed accordingly.