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Save money on your energy bills this winter by selecting energy efficient blinds by Verosol 26 May 2015

One of the largest contributors to your energy bill is accounted for by heating and cooling inside your home. With rising energy prices, did you know that an unfurnished window can cost you significant dollars throughout the year? Blinds not only reduce the amount of heat entering your home in summer, but they are just as crucial in winter. Up to a staggering 40% of heat loss in winter occurs due to uncovered windows.


By investing in quality blinds for your home, you can save up to hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs. The benefits of blinds are extensive – they add to the décor of the room, reduce energy costs, provide a more comfortable environment to live and work in, and contribute to a sustainable environment by reducing carbon emissions. When it comes to window furnishings, Verosol provides a range of the best high performance products on the market. To obtain optimum thermal conditions and energy efficiency, it is important to consider both the type of blind and the fabric to be used.


Verosol offers a comprehensive range of solar control and decorative fabrics to suit any home. In 1963, Verosol invented the process to metallise fabrics – a technology which is still unique today. Unlike common screens and fabrics, Verosol’s metallisation process bonds an ultra-fine layer of aluminium to the fabric, which dramatically improves solar energy control, independent of colour selection. During summer, the metallised fabric helps keep the heat outside, while in winter it helps reduce heat loss, resulting in considerable energy savings. Leading the market is Verosol’s SilverScreen – a semi-transparent fabric offering unparalleled solar performance. Verosol fabrics are also low maintenance as they are anti-static and dust repellent.  In combination with fabric selection, the type of blind will also have an effect on energy efficiency.


  • Verocell – Cellular Blinds
    Also known as honeycomb pleated blinds due to their construction, the Verocell Blind is the most efficient type of blind for insulation. Due to their design and structure, air becomes trapped in the cells, creating an effective temperature transfer barrier between the window and the internal environment.  These properties make the Verocell an ideal solution to energy efficiency.
  • Pleated Blinds
    As one of the most versatile blind solutions, pleated blinds can be used to accommodate even the most obscure window – whether it is arched, circular or triangular. The option for motorisation and skylights for hard to reach placements is another major benefit of the pleated blind.
  • Roller Blinds
    Roller blinds provide great functionality with a clean and minimalistic look, and are perfect for covering extra large wide windows. There are also a large range of options for roller blinds including chain operation and motorisation, or multi-link systems which allow simultaneous operation of multiple blinds. The Twin Roller Blind is ideal for energy efficiency as it allows you to select two fabrics – a translucent fabric for day time view, and a blockout fabric for privacy, whilst providing maximum insulation and heat retention in winter.
  • Roman Blinds
    Offering an elegant and contemporary look, roman blinds provide effective light and privacy control by choosing either a blockout or translucent fabric. They also offer efficient insulation against the heat and cold. One of Verosol’s latest product releases is the chain operated Cascade Roman Blind which provides a premium modern appearance with a sleek contemporary design.

To estimate the potential savings Verosol’s metallised fabrics can have on your energy bill and reduction in CO2 emissions, test out the Verosol Savings Calculator.

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