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Verosol Fabrics – GreenTag Gold Certifications 24 September 2015


“Verosol Originals and Enviroscreen G2 accredited with GreenTag Gold Certification”

Verosol’s global mission to Creating a Better Environment is at the heart of all our activities. Verosol’s core fabric ranges Originals and Enviroscreen G2 are accredited with Ecospecifier’s GreenTag Gold Certification, with GreenStar Credits for Product Transparency and Sustainability.

The Originals Collection is a metallised fabric providing superior heat and glare control. 

Solar Reflectance 68% | GreenRate Level A | LCARate EcoPOINT 0.31  


Verosol’s Enviroscreen G2 is a 100% polyester inherent FR, PVC free, metallised fabric.

Solar Reflectance 65% | GreenRate Level A | LCARate EcoPOINT 0.33  


Creating a Better Environment is our goal to operate in a fully sustainable way by 2020. Our initiatives to reduce any negative influence of our company are united in three pillars of sustainability – Process, Product, and People.

Verosol’s Dutch facility is at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing. The fabrics meet stringent European standards in the colouring and production of fabrics, emitting the use of dye baths, toxic and non-degradable materials, lead or heavy metals.

Verosol’s continued high levels of environmental awareness and commitment has granted us not only the GreenTag certifications, but also other well known green certifications including Oeko-Tex and Greenguard.

Verosol continues to invest heavily in further developing and improving our products to creating a better environment globally.

Download the PDF version below. 

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