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Verosol’s Metallised Fabric featured as WFA’s Top Innovation 16 April 2015

Window Furnishings Australia has selected the Top Innovations found at R+T Stuttgart 2015 and Verosol is proud to be one of the five products featured.

Metallic Blindside

Verosol has blindsided a number of its competitors with the unveiling of its 3.20+ metallised screen fabric. Shown for the first time at R+T Stuttgart, the development of a 320cm plus width metallised screen fabric follows a general global trend towards bigger windows.

Previously metallisation of fabrics could only be done up to a width of 2.40 metres. Verosol has acquired a machine that will be able to metallise up to 3.28 metres, an increase of 88cm or 36 per cent.

Grab your March issue of WFA, and turn to page 55 to read more about about the Innovations on Display. 


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