Verosol external blinds and shutters control heat, light and solar energy, and allow for the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces. They are a popular choice for enclosing balconies, patios and alfresco areas to protect them from the elements and allow for outdoor living in a broader range of weather conditions.

Verosol external window coverings are a great investment, designed to be the ultimate choice for energy efficiency, providing superior heat and UV blocking capabilities. This offers unbeatable insulation. By blocking the UV before it hits the window, our external shutters and blinds ensure heat is not generated on your windows and transferred into your living space, creating a more comfortable home or business and saving you money.

Our External Roller Blind systems are created using premium materials such as stainless steel, glass-filled nylon and extruded aluminium along with top quality fabrics. This ensures longevity, durability and high performance in all conditions.

Verosol’s External Roller Blinds are designed to suit a range of different architectural styles, featuring slim and compact fittings. They are available in automated, motorised or manual crank operation, and come custom made to suit your needs. This means they can be created to fit your wide spans, long drops and other non-standard spaces. Our team of experts will help fit your space with the perfect external blinds for your needs.

Our external solutions should be used in combination with our internal window coverings to provide for your needs all year round, maintaining your comfort in all kinds of weather.


Ambience External ZIP Roller Blind System
Ambience External Guidewire Roller Blind System




Verosol Ambience External ZIP and WIREGUIDE Blinds provide seamless integration of indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Not only do they ensure privacy and comfort, they’re ideal for enclosing alfresco areas, outdoor patios and balconies, whilst offering protection from the elements.

Verosol External Blinds have many unique features to simplify installation, improve reliability and provide the performance necessary to function for years to come. Placing high importance on aesthetics, slim and compact fittings are designed to integrate sleekly with any style of architecture.

One solution for shading and screening, this all in one incredibly versatile product, fits standard and over-sized applications, and is available in Spring, Crank or Motorised Operation.

Verosol’s external screens will extend your outdoor living, providing comfort and insulation, all delivered with the security of a trusted brand.


Verosol external shutters are made from high-quality materials like hardwood and aluminium designed to weather Australia’s climate, ensuring longevity for your investment. Each blade is reinforced for strength and impact dispersement, along with connecting joints. All hardware supplied with our shutters are also made from premium materials to ensure durability.

External shutters are a stylish solution to heat, glare and UV reduction, offering a classic look that will suit any facade.


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