Shutter Systems

by Verosol


Built with durability and longevity in mind, internal shutters are designed to be timeless and classic, suiting a range of architectural styles, from contemporary through to heritage. Shutters, often referred to as plantation shutters, are not a low-cost option, but they’re increasingly regarded by homeowners as a worthwhile investment that will enhance a home’s visual charm, elegance and functionality. Well considered shutters have even been known to boost a home’s kerb appeal and resale value.

When fully closed, window shutters can block out light to an impressive degree. This is especially true for shutters with larger slats, which can be used to optimise a room’s natural light when opened during the daytime and stop light from entering the interior when closed at night.

Verosol’s range of Ambience Shutters are backed by state-of-the-art functional, high quality shutter hardware, such as a light-weight frames with a concealed aluminium control rod allowing for full closure of slats in two positions on most systems. Ambience Shutters are manufactured with premium materials, including hardwood, aluminium and polyresin. All Shutters are available in a range of application types including bi-fold, hinged, sliding and fixed systems.  Read more


Verosol Ambience Hardwood Shutters are made from 100% sustainably sourced timber. Painted Shutters are made from Poplar, an even-grained timber, with a fine texture and flawless finish. Stained Shutters are made from premium hand-selected basswood, selected for its even grain and light colour. A wide variety of standard paint & stain colours are available to choose from, or you can colour match to suit your décor perfectly.

Made from quality materials, Verosol Ambience Hardwood Shutters are highly durable and provide timeless style. They show enduring craftsmanship compared to synthetic alternatives available.


Verosol Hardwood Shutters are custom made to fit a wide range of different sized and shaped windows, making it a highly versatile option. Select from a range of special shapes and configurations such as Arch, Half Arch, Triangle, Oval or French Door.

Verosol Hardwood Shutters are available in three different elliptical blade sizes – 64mm, 89mm or 114mm, each giving a different look to suit your home.


Our Ambience Internal Aluminium shutter has been designed for use exclusively indoors. Aluminium shutters allow you to keep the natural look and feel of a timber finish, but with increased durability and easy maintenance. Our Ambience Internal 89mm elliptical blade shutter with light weight frame, is perfect for high use and internal wet areas.

Ambience Internal Aluminium Shutters offer performance and longevity far beyond that of lower quality shutters available on the market.


Verosol Ambience Polyresin Shutters are a cost-effective alternative to timber products, with the look and feel of timber at a relatively accessible price point. They’re also suitable for applications where timber would not perform as well, such as wet areas or high moisture environments. Verosol polyresin shutters are constructed with a high-strength polymer resin with aluminium inserted reinforcements for superior strength and longevity.

Our Polyresin Shutters come in two different elliptical blade sizes – 64mm, 89mm, each giving a different look to suit your home.


Verosol shutters are an invaluable asset in terms of quality, appearance and structural rigidity, and understanding how to care for and maintain them will enhance these qualities. Before adjusting your shutter, ensure the slats are closed. This is the best way to safeguard the slats from clashing against each other and being damaged. Most shutters are fitted with a control stick to adjust the slats and it’s best to use this rather than adjusting slats by hand. Shutters can be kept clean through regular dusting and may occasionally require gently washing with a sponge and warm water.

Properly maintained, Verosol shutters will stand the test of time and undoubtedly validate their reputation as an architectural feature that takes your home to a higher level. Verosol’s range of Ambience Shutters allow you to enjoy unobstructed views and maximise your living space.