Invisi-Gard by Verosol Jemmy Test: AS5039-2008

The effects of a jemmy attack against a security screen door or window grille are simulated by allowing a standardised narrow-bladed lever (representing a large screw driver) to be inserted against the locking, fastening and hinging points and a turning force (torque) is applied to those points via the lever.

If all the hinges, and/or all the locking and/or all the fastening points tested have failed, then the security screean door or window grille shall have failed. No part of the edge of the security screen door or window grille shall have deflected to the extent that the gap between the security screen door or window grille and the door or window frame is greater than 15cm, perpendicular to the door or window frame after the jemmy test has been completed.

Invisi-Gard by Verosol products pass this test thanks to the quality of our hardware and the stiffness of our aluminium section framing.

Also all Invisi-Gard by Verosol hinged security doors are manufactured with three point locks as a standard feature. Three point locks provide higher security as not only does the lock engage in the centre position but also has extra latches towards the top and bottom of the door that give even more strength.


Test numbers: 2012042-5, 2012042-3, 2012042-1

Hinged Security Screen Door
Sliding Security Screen Door
Security Window Grille

Invisi-Gard by Verosol is tested to withstand jemmy attacks from levers, such as large screwdrivers, used to apply large amounts of torque to locks and hinges.

Simulated Attack Test