by Verosol


Care & Maintenance Information

Verosol has a long tradition of supplying premium quality window furnishings across Australia and around the world.

Here you will be able to view our warranty video on Motorised Blinds, providing you with important information about correct use, care and maintenance of your Verosol Blinds and Shutters.

Here at Verosol, we are confident your decision will be rewarded in terms of product quality, performance and aesthetics.

Verosol Blinds and Shutters come with a five year nationwide warranty across the entire range, covering component failure and manufacturing issues*.

Operating Motorisation

Motorised blinds offer unsurpassed convenience. Absence of cords means increased safety and a less cluttered look for your home. Like cord operated blinds, motorised blinds require proper use, care and maintenance:

  • Always raise the blinds if windows and/or doors are open, as a strong breeze could catch and damage the blind.

  • Avoid exposure to wind or rain, as rain blown onto the blind might stain the fabrics and these spots could be difficult to remove.

  • Before operating your blinds, check that nothing is obstructing them. If the blind catches, the resulting resistance may put excessive strain on the motor.

  • Our easy to use remote controls transmit a radio frequency to the receiver, which is usually built into the blind. It is not necessary to point the remote control straight at the blind, because the controller is not directional.

  • Verosol remote controllers and wall switches are either single or multi channel.

  • For a single channel controller, press the raise and lower buttons to start the blind moving.

  • Press the stop button when the blind is at the desired height. Some controls have an intermediate option which can be programmed to make the blind stop automatically in a semi open position. Ask your Installation Technician about how to use this feature.

  • Multi channel controls operate more than one blind. Select the blind you want then raise or lower the blind as normal. Remember the controller will also operate all the blinds at once.

  • Verosol motorised blinds also have a thermal override feature to prevent overheating. This means the motors may stop working if the blinds are opened frequently within a short period of time. This feature will reset the blinds allowing normal operation after approximately 15 minutes.

Cleaning Motorisation

Choosing the best method of cleaning will depend on the fabric of your blinds.

  • Dust with a soft brush or gently sponge clean with warm soapy water, leaving the blinds down to dry.

  • Fabrics such as Ultra, Mirage and Satin may be spot cleaned. But be careful not to crease the fabric.

  • Spot clean any marks with a soft damp cloth, make sure the cloth damp not wet to guard against leaving water marks.

Verosol Metallised fabrics are anti-static, meaning the product resits air-born dust.

  • If dusting is required, use a soft brush or dusting cloth.

  • Dirt marks or spills on metallised fabric must be cleaned ultrasonically. Think of this process the same as taking your silks to the dry cleaners.

  • If the fabric in your blinds have a metallised backing, DO NOT spray window cleaner on or near the fabric.