Invisi-Gard by Verosol Energy Efficiency

WERS Screened Products – Residential

There are many reasons to add screens to the windows and doors of your home including, security, fall prevention, cyclonic conditions, bushfire prone areas and fire attenuation. Not only can permanent security screens provide features to help in all of these areas but they can also have a positive impact on the energy efficiency performance of your windows.


WERS rating for a Generic Aluminium Window with 3mm clear glass fitted with an Invisi-Gard by Verosol screen

SHGC – Improvement
0.38 – 51%


Fitting Invisi-Gard by Verosol security screens over the outside of your window can improve the energy efficiency of your window by up to 51%.

Each of the WERS for screened ratings is the rating of a window system with a screen attached to the exterior of a window system (as energy rated by WERS). The ratings of screens are applied to the exterior of the window system and are only applicable to be rated covering the entire glass area. In order for a screen product to be rated under WERS it must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The screen must be permanently fixed to the glazing system.
  • The screen must be of a woven screen or perforated screen type.
  • The screen must not be detachable, openable or removable, (egress security screens used to provide escape paths during fire are considered permanent screen systems).
  • The screen must be on the exterior of the window system.
  • The screen energy ratings can only be applied to a existing WERS rating.
  • Security Screen Testing – Energy Efficient Testing