External Blinds

by Verosol

External Blinds

Improve your outdoor living with Verosol External Blinds.

External blinds can take credit for supporting one of the most important aspects of the great Australian lifestyle, with the summer months traditionally luring people outside for recreation and entertainment, in ‘outdoor rooms’ made possible through sophisticated exterior shade blinds. External blind systems supported by side retention technology, which maintains the tautness and evenness of the blind, have long been a popular choice for homeowners. When combined with the appropriate fabric, they make it possible to ‘take the inside outside’, increasing living and entertaining areas by providing year-round protection from the elements, coupled with options for easy operation.


Verosol Ambience External Blind systems provide seamless integration of indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Not only do they ensure privacy and comfort, they’re ideal for enclosing alfresco areas, outdoor patios and balconies, whilst offering protection from the elements.

Our External Blind solutions for shading and screening are incredibly versatile, fitting most standard and oversized applications. So practical, they can supply full ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from weather, pests and enhance privacy at the touch of a button. Read more


Verosol External Blinds have many unique features to simplify installation, improve reliability and provide the performance necessary to function for years to come. Placing high importance on aesthetics, slim and compact fittings are designed to integrate sleekly with any style of architecture.

Available in a variety of options including: ZIP or Wire-guided systems; With or without headbox; Spring assisted, Crank or Motorised control options; Our External Blinds are capable of wide spans and long drops. Interchangeable components make Verosol External Blinds the perfect customised solution for outdoor comfort shading.


Verosol’s External Blind systems are manufactured from the highest quality materials that includes stainless steel, glass-filled nylon and extruded aluminium. The components are complimented by high-performance external fabrics, which control light, heat and solar radiation.

Verosol External screens will extend your outdoor living, providing comfort and insulation, all delivered with the security of a trusted brand.

External blinds from Verosol are designed to last many years and represent an easycare proposition, with regular maintenance options for blind hardware supported by specialised cleaning products and a quarterly care regimen. Fabrics that are waterproof and moisture resistant ensure that high quality exterior blinds will endure, an undertaking supported by a 5 year warranty on all Verosol External Blinds.

External Blinds are a great investment, providing superior heat and UV blocking capabilities that result in unbeatable insulation and energy efficiency that bring benefits to both the interior of your home and your outdoor lifestyle.