Shutter Systems

by Verosol


Care & Maintenance Information

Verosol has a long tradition of supplying premium quality window furnishings across Australia and around the world.

Here you will be able to view our warranty video on Timber Shutters, providing you with important information about correct use, care and maintenance of your Verosol Blinds and Shutters.

Here at Verosol, we are confident your decision will be rewarded in terms of product quality, performance and aesthetics.

Verosol Blinds and Shutters come with a five year nationwide warranty across the entire range, covering component failure and manufacturing issues*.

For more information please contact your Verosol Specialist Retailer or call 1800 011 176.

Operating Shutter Systems

Verosol Timber and Aluminium Shutters are unsurpassed for quality, appearance and structural rigidity. Made to last, but like all home furnishings need proper care and maintenance to extend their working life. 

  • Before operating, ensure the blades are closed

  • When opening bi-folding shutters, start in the centre staking the panels together as you work your way out

  • Never force bi-folding shutters open or closed, never swing or put weight on a hinge shutter

  • For Sliding Shutters ensure that the blades are closed before sliding, this will prevent the blades from clashing

  • Whenever possible, use the control stick to control light and view. If you must, adjust the blades by hand by moving two blades simultaneously and stop if you feel resistance

  • Never tilt one blade on its own, the stress may damage the control stick or the timber blade

  • For light reduction, try rubbing the blades closed.

Cleaning Shutter Systems

In coastal areas an accumulation of salt residue on your shutters may gradually breakdown the lacquer or paint. Wipe down blades with a damp cloth routinely to remove excess salt residue.